Whisky Tour


Uisge Beatha, the Gaelic name for whisky, literally translated as 'Water of Life'. Explore the home of the world's favourite drink to discover its origins and the unique characteristics which allow such a diverse range of flavours across the 6 different Whisky regions. Whether you prefer a Speyside or Lowland, Islay or Highland, Island or Campbelltown malt we can design an itinerary which combines a balance of historical and scenic highlights together with the opportunity to visit your favourite brands, tour the distilleries, meet the people involved in the process and of course sample the goods.

Tours can be designed to take in elements of all 6 whisky producing regions, a selection of your favourites or simply visiting a distillery as part of a different tour. Please get in touch to let us know what you are interested in and we will be happy to put together some ideas for you.